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Самое авторитетное издание среди аквариумистов.
Конкретно в этом томе Вы найдёте краткую информацию о почти 4000 видах пресноводных рыб, подробно описанных в первых пяти томах издания.
Основу книги составляют более 4600 цветных фотографий. В подробный указатель включены обиходные английские названия рыб, синонимы и латинские названия; поиск можно вести как по названию рода, так и по видовому названию. В словаре объяснены наиболее важные из используемых в Атласе терминов.
Каталог фотографий будет полезен тем аквариумистам, у которых нет возможности приобрести пять отдельных томов Aquarium Atlas.
К сожалению качество оставляет желать лучшего
Знание языка особо не требуется.
Основа - Атлас с латинскими названиями и краткими данными
Вступительная статья на немецком. В конце пояснения на польском.

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The trunk segments each bear a single pair of legs, the first pair modified as poison claws used to subdue prey. Millipedes are mostly herbivorous or scavenging species with elongate, cylindrical or flattened bodies. The first three segments of the trunk have no legs, but the remaining segments are fused in pairs, known as diplosegments, each bearing two pairs of legs. Despite their common name they never have a thousand legs. 2–2 cm) 1 Flat-backed millipede Polydesmus sp. 2 cm) ANIMAL KINGDOM 34 Insects Class Insecta Insects are the most abundant animals on Earth, and they have evolved many diverse lifestyles.

This group includes about half of all fish species. MULLETS Mugilomorpha Species 70 SILVERSIDES Atherinomorpha Species 315 DORIES AND RELATIVES Zeiformes Species 32 STICKLEBACKS Gasterosteiformes Species 285 FLATFISHES PERCOMORPHS Percomorpha The largest and most diverse group of fishes and the most advanced spiny-rayed fishes. Percomorphs share several structural features. SWAMP EELS Pleuronectiformes Species 680 TRIGGERFISHES Tetraodontiformes Species 360 SCORPIONFISHES Synbranchiformes Species 100 Scorpaeniformes Species 1,500 CARTILAGINOUS FISHES Chondrichthyes Jawed fishes with internal skeletons made of cartilage, rather than bone.

In fact, crocodilians are more closely related to the birds than to the other reptiles, and together they form a group known as the Archosaura (“ruling reptiles”), which also contains several extinct groups of dinosaurs and pterosaurs (flying reptiles). Birds, then, are warm-blooded reptiles with feathers. 58–67) Temperature control Reptiles occur throughout the world but are more common in tropical habitats. Most nonavian reptiles are ectothermic, meaning they cannot generate metabolic heat. However, some regulate their internal body temperature through behavior, such as sunning, and can operate at By obtaining all their heat from external sources such as the sun, ectothermic reptiles can survive easily on one-tenth of the amount of food needed by an endothermic animal of the same size—endotherms use up a large proportion of the energy obtained from their food just to maintain a constant body temperature.

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