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By Natalie Goldstein

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Основа - Атлас с латинскими названиями и краткими данными
Вступительная статья на немецком. В конце пояснения на польском.

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When a cow “chews its cud,” it is re-chewing food that has already been chewed and swallowed. A cow bites off some plant food and then chews and swallows it. After the food spends some time in its stomach, the cow brings it back up into its mouth and chews it some more. A cow will bring up cud and re-chew it with its strong grinding teeth until it can 48 animal hUntinG and FeedinG digest it. Then it swallows the food for the last time, and the food moves through the cow’s digestive tract. SaFetY in nUmBerS Almost all grazing and browsing animals live and feed in a herd, or group.

Most predators rely on patience and stealth, but a few do exactly the opposite. 3 kilograms), but it hunts rabbits that weigh 10 times as much. A stoat creeps through the grass until it’s near a rabbit. Then it suddenly sits up and begins to “dance,” leaping up and down and swirling around as if chasing its own tail. The stoat does somersaults and back flips. The rabbit sits 64 AnimAl huntinG And FeedinG transfixed. While the rabbit is frozen in wide-eyed amazement, the stoat leaps at the rabbit and sinks its teeth into the back of the rabbit’s neck.

This organ tells the bat how far away the object is, what type of object it is, how big the object is, if the object is moving, and in what direction it’s moving. when a bat detects a tasty insect with its wing, the bat sends out faster pulses of sound. this helps the bat zero in on the insect. the folds and flaps of skin on a bat’s face are adaptations that help it receive the echoing sound waves. dolphins, too, use echolocation to find prey, and to orient themselves under water. dolphins emit high-frequency clicks.

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