H. Martin Schaefer (auth.), Peter Kappeler (eds.)'s Animal Behaviour: Evolution and Mechanisms PDF

By H. Martin Schaefer (auth.), Peter Kappeler (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642026230

ISBN-13: 9783642026232

The research of animal behaviour is among the quickest transforming into sub-disciplines in biology. The ensuing variety of conceptual techniques and methodological suggestions makes it more and more tough for execs and scholars to maintain abreast of vital new advancements. This edited quantity presents up to date reports that facilitate orientation in key components of animal behaviour, together with verbal exchange, cognition, clash, cooperation, sexual choice and behavioural edition. The contributions handle evolutionary and proximate facets of behaviour and likewise disguise either invertebrates and vertebrates. very important ideas are handled in separate glossaries and key examples highlighted in separate textual content containers. Richly illustrated with color figures, this quantity deals a good dependent review of the entire major advancements in present animal behaviour study. it really is excellent for instructing upper-level classes, the place it will likely be crucial interpreting for complex scholars conversant in simple strategies and ideas.

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The retrieval function of the memory is best studied in the context of foraging. For example, bees choose among floral colours depending on their experience with these colours 24 hours ago. The retrieval of colour memories in the honeybee thus follows a circadian rhythm that apparently matches the circadian rhythm of nectar and pollen production in flowers (Zhang et al. 2006, Prabhu and Cheng 2008). Bees thus possess a Zeitgedächtnis (time memory) allowing them to adaptively fine-tune their foraging behaviour to the peak availability of nectar associated with visual stimuli (see also Pahl et al.

Signallers have been described to be affected in their call production by: i) the mere presence of a receiver; ii) the presence of a specific receiver category; or iii) the specific context the receiver finds itself in. The comparison between situations in which a signaller either emits a call when a receiver is present or not allows to test whether individuals have voluntary control over call production, or whether call production is an involuntary response to a specific context (Evans 1997). This question has mainly been investigated in the context of the production of alarm calls.

Acknowledgements I thank Martin Stevens, Lars Chittka and Peter Kappeler for many very constructive comments and Bertrand Schatz for permission to use his photos in Fig. 3. All other photos © Veronika Schaefer and Martin Schaefer. 24 H. Martin Schaefer References Andersson S (2000) Efficacy and content in avian colour signals. In: Espmark Y, Amundsen T, Rosenqvist G (eds) Animal Signals: Signalling and Signal Design in Animal Communication. Tapir Academic Press, Trondheim, Norway, pp 47-60 Andersson S, Pryke SR, Örnborg J, Lawes MJ, Andersson M (2002) Multiple receivers, multiple ornaments, and a trade-off between agonistic and epigamic signaling in a widowbird.

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