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First released in 1922. Mary Agnes Hamilton (1882-1966) used to be Member of Parliament for Blackburn from 1929 to 1931. After leaving Newnham university with an Honours measure she begun educating heritage and later took up journalism and politics. She wrote loads of books on numerous topics all through her life.** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Marius smiled grimly. 'Do not trouble yourselves about your brothers,' he replied. ' When battle was joined next day it was the height of summer; the blazing heat exhausted the Northerners. Boiorix, the Cimbrian king, the tallest and strongest man in the army, perished; round him there lay, at the day's end, 100,000 of his countrymen. Marius returned home to be hailed as the saviour of his country, the peer of Camillus and Fabius. He was made consul for the sixth time. Marius had won great victories; but the rejoicings in Rome over the terrible dangers that had been averted by his generalship were brief.

All over Italy the State of Rome owned great estates. But for years back the estates had either been let to or occupied by the big landowners or wealthy men of Rome. They were in possession. But the lands did not belong to them. There was no reason in law or justice why the Republic should not take back and use what was its own. These lands, cut up into small holdings, would provide a means of livelihood to hundreds of thousands of peasant proprietors. The miserable poverty of Rome could be swept away.

The Roman State, as he knew, was torn with revolution at home. There was a general sense of panic and uncertainty. The Government had neither men, money, nor supplies for the war against Mithridates. Now, instead of closing ranks, as after Cannae, rich Romans fled, some even joining Mithridates. Marius and his party saw in the dangers Sulla went out to face nothing but their chance to come back to power in Rome. Marius himself was old now and had taken to drink. Almost as soon as Sulla sailed revolution broke out again in Rome.

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