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Be an eyewitness to historical Iraq. return in time to among 3500 to 500 BC, and stopover at the 'land among rivers'. become aware of the birthplace of writing and farming and the place the 1st nice towns, states and empires rose; domestic to the Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian civilizations. Get the image utilizing the clip-art CD with over a hundred notable photos to obtain. Then use the large pull-out wallchart to accessorize your room. nice for initiatives or simply for enjoyable, this fact-packed advisor and CD will express and inform you every little thing you must find out about this old land and civilization. "I am an immense fan of these...They are brilliantly visual". "There isn't really a toddler that may have the capacity to withstand picking out that up" - "Reader Reviews".

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RABIAN3EA   56 Archer wears a headband of twisted cord, a long, richly decorated tunic, and leather shoes RUINS OF PERSEPOLIS The Persian empire had several capitals. The most splendid was Parsa, known to the Greeks as Persepolis. Founded by Darius I around 518 bce, Persepolis had colonnaded halls and grand palaces. Excavation of its ruins, in modern Iran, began in the 1930s. Headdress looks smooth, but would have been feathered CYRUS THE GREAT Sceptre King Cyrus, who reigned from around 590 to 529 bce, overthrew Median rule and established Persian supremacy over all Western Asia.

The patriarch Abraham may have been born in Ur in about 2000 bce. Tribute from northwest Iran includes a Bactrian camel Fierce warriors, the Hittites were famous for their use of wheeled war chariots. They were also skilled metalworkers, and the first people to use iron weapons. Their attack on Babylon in 1595 bce led to the fall of the first Babylonian empire. After 1200 bce Hittite power in the region began to decline. Ivory originally stained with dyes Egyptian-style kohl-rimmed eye ELAMITES AND KASSITES This relief shows an Elamite woman spinning yarn.

Solar disc, symbol of the sun god, Shamash Wedge shape represents Nabu, god of writing Scorpion represents Ishara, a goddess of love DIVINING THE FUTURE Mould is 9 cm (3½ in) long and 6 cm (2½ in) wide This clay sheep’s liver, found at Mari, was a sort of textbook for priests. The Babylonians believed that the gods revealed the future in the entrails of sacrificed animals. Priests checked liver omens before starting anything important, such as new building work. The model tells how to interpret the presence of blemishes in different places on the liver.

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