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By Isadore Meschan

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Those who would utilize ionizing radiation for its bene­ nate all soft rays. fits, however, must be thoroughly cognizant of its hazards. An understanding of the balance of benefit versus hazard requires the following considerations: Generally, radiation produced by kilovoltages below 60 is considered soft, whereas 120 to 1 50 kilovolts are moderately penetrating. Hard radiation derived from kilovoltages higher than 150 Kv. are not utilized in conventional diagnostic radio­ 1. Definitions of quantities and qualities of ionizing radia­ tion.

In contrast to the roentgen, which is a measure of "ionization in air," the rad is a measure of absorbed dose in terms of ergs of energy. Wherever feasible the rad is a more meaningful unit of quantification of ionizing radiation, since it is the absorbed dose which is most significant in the ultimate analysis of biological ef­ fect. The rem (derived from "roentgen equivalent man") (Fig. 2-2 B) is that quantity of any type of ionizing radiation which produces the same biological damage in man as that resulting from the abo sorption of 1 roentgen of medium energy x-rays.

6th ed. Philadelphia. ,. B. Lippincott Co .. ) GROWTH } AGE GROWTH BONE REPLACEMENT lU 37 Morrow of epiphysis Bon� of ep;pilys's Zone of rest i ng carti lage J Zone of young prOl i f e r a t i n g cart i lage } } Figure 3-1. Con ti n u ed . L. High-power photomicrograph of a longitudinal section cut through the upper end of the tibia of a guinea pig. This picture illustrates the d ifferent zones of cells in the epiphyseal plate. (Modified from Ham. A. : His­ tology. 6th ed. Philadelphia, ,. B. ) l I Zone of maturing carti lage Zone of calcifying carti lage Developing trabeculae of metaphYSiS Figu re 3-1 continued on following page.

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