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During this e-book, Miranda takes the strategy that algebraic curves are top encountered for the 1st time over the advanced numbers, the place the reader's classical instinct approximately surfaces, integration, and different options may be introduced into play. accordingly, many examples of algebraic curves are provided within the first chapters. during this manner, the booklet starts off as a primer on Riemann surfaces, with complicated charts and meromorphic services taking heart degree. however the major examples come from projective curves, and slowly yet without doubt the textual content strikes towards the algebraic classification. Proofs of the Riemann-Roch and Serre Duality Theorems are provided in an algebraic demeanour, through an version of the adelic facts, expressed thoroughly by way of fixing a Mittag-Leffler challenge. Sheaves and cohomology are brought as a unifying equipment within the latter chapters, in order that their application and naturalness are instantly seen. Requiring a history of a one semester of advanced variable! concept and a 12 months of summary algebra, this can be an exceptional graduate textbook for a second-semester path in advanced variables or a year-long path in algebraic geometry.

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A) For x ∈ G let κx : G → G : y → x−1 yx and Ad(x) := d1 (κx−1 ) : g → g. Then Ad : G → AutLie (g) ⊆ GL(g) ∼ = GLdim(G) is a rational representation, called the adjoint representation; we have Z(G) ≤ ker(Ad). b) We have d1 (Ad) : g → EndK (g) : x → ad(x), where ad(x) : g → g : y → [x, y] is the left adjoint action. II Algebraic groups 40 Proof. a) Since κx is an isomorphism of algebraic groups, Ad(x) ∈ GL(g) is a Lie algebra automorphism. For x, y ∈ G we have Ad(xy) = d1 (κy−1 x−1 ) = d1 (κx−1 κy−1 ) = d1 (κx−1 )d1 (κy−1 ) = Ad(x)Ad(y), implying that Ad : G → GL(g) is a group homomorphism.

Xn }. For any x = [x1 , . . , xn ] ∈ K n let ∗ x : K[X ] → K : f → f (x) be the associated evaluation map, and for any f ∈ K[X ] let f • : K n → K : x → f (x) be the polynomial function afforded by f . a) Show that in general f is not necessarily uniquely determined by f • . b) Show that if K is infinite then f indeed is uniquely determined by f • . c) Show that an algebraically closed field is infinite. 2) Exercise: Unions of algebraic sets. Let K be an algebraically closed field, let X := {X1 , .

Thus there is n ∈ N such that H := Φn (G) = Φn+1 (G), implying that Φ|H : H → H is surjective. Since we have GΦ ≤ H, as far as fixed points are concerned we might restrict ourselves to surjective Frobenius endomorphisms. Moreover if G ≤ GLn is a Φq -invariant closed subgroup, and we have Φq |G = Φd , for some d Φ q d ∈ N, then we have GΦ ≤ GΦ = GΦq ≤ GLΦ n , hence G is finite. For the standard Frobenius endomorphism Φq on GLn we get the general q linear group GLn (Fq ) = GLΦ n , and since it is immediate that SLn ≤ GLn as well as S2m ≤ GLn and On ≤ GLn are Φq -invariant, we get the special Φq q linear group SLn (Fq ) = SLΦ n , the symplectic group Sp2m (Fq ) = S2m , for Φq char(K) = 2 the general orthogonal groups GO2m+1 (Fq ) = O2m+1 and Φq GO+ 2m (Fq ) = O2m as well as the special orthogonal groups SO2m+1 (Fq ) = Φq + GO2m+1 (Fq )∩SL2m+1 (Fq ) = SO2m+1 and SO+ 2m (Fq ) = GO2m (Fq )∩SL2m (Fq ) = Φq Φq SO2m , and for char(K) = 2 the general orthogonal group GO+ 2m (Fq ) = O2m ; since in the latter case SO2m = O◦2m is Φq -invariant we also get the special Φq orthogonal group SO+ 2m (Fq ) = SO2m .

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