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Alexander was welcome to the latter, but he could not penetrate the former. Around this time, the Tyrians began to experiment with heated shot. They baked their projectiles before firing them. When these heated stones hit the Macedonian mole and ships, EGYPT’S NEW GOD the ships were set on fire and men perished in horrible ways. Rather than let this be the final sign to abandon the siege, Alexander vowed vengeance. Finally, after a siege of nine months, Alexander led his men in the final assault.

The men pushed on, aided only by Alexander’s intense desire. ” When they arrived at Siwah, the Macedonians collapsed into a day or two of constant drinking and relaxation. Alexander went to the temple. All accounts agree that Alexander entered the temple and spoke at some length with the high priest of Ammon. When he came out, Alexander appeared chastened and somber. He gave no details then of what he had learned, but over the course of the next few years, word crept out that Alexander had received the following news—first, that he was the son of Ammon; second, that it was his destiny to rule all Asia; and third, that he must reach the farthest reaches of the Ocean Sea and sacrifice there to Ammon.

Egypt had been under Persian rule for more than 150 years. The Egyptian upper-class welcomed Alexander as a liberator. He was enthroned as pharaoh and entrusted with the crook and flail, symbols of the royal authority. As Egypt’s new pharaoh, Alexander was considered at least semi-divine. His men doubtless scoffed at the idea, but Alexander had been raised on the same idea by his mother Olympias. His time in Egypt appears to have reinforced the idea in his mind. Soon after he was enthroned in Memphis, Alexander took part of his army on an exploratory expedition around the mouths of the Nile River.

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