Read e-book online AC Maintenance & Repair Manual for Outboard Motors PDF

By Jean-Luc Pallas

ISBN-10: 1472901223

ISBN-13: 9781472901224

The target of this publication with its distinctive step by step color pictures and diagrams, is to let each proprietor to mend their outboard motor conveniently. Troubleshooting tables support diagnose power difficulties, and there's recommendation on ordinary upkeep and winterising and repair.

Jean-Luc Pallas's enthusiasm for passing on his wisdom, in addition to his transparent causes, designated recommendation and step by step directions make this a distinct booklet.

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They will soon appreciate the advantage of less weight. Horsepower being equal, a boat with an outboard with a higher power/weight ratio, will plane more easily and go faster. Specific fuel consumption This is the weight of fuel consumed relative to the power produced in a given unit of time; or, the quantity of fuel in grams needed by the engine to produce one watt-hour of work. The performance of outboard engines with the latest technology (electronic ignition with variable timing curve regulated for the load; ceramic fibre reinforced pistons, cylinder surface treatments, electronic injection, pre-atomised oil injection, etc) is in the 25% range, with a specific fuel consumption of between 240 and 400gr/hp/h.

The propeller shaft is connected directly to the engine. Assembly 2 Assembly found on small engines above 2hp, with neutral and forward gears. Reverse is achieved by turning the outboard 180°. Assembly 3 Assembly used on all engines above 4hp, with forward, neutral and reverse gears. The gearbox Located between the drive shaft and the propeller shaft, it has two functions: ◆ Reduction ◆ Inversion Reduction Given how fast the engine revs, a reduction gear is needed to maintain acceptable propeller performance.

Setting the richness of the mix at idle is done by adjusting the idle screw, which, like a tap, regulates the airflow in the circuit. Unscrew it and you increase the quantity of air, ie you make the mix leaner. Screw it in and the reverse happens. However, a medium mix is easy to find. Slowly turn the idle adjustment screw all the way in, then unscrew it one and one half turns. On multi-cylinder engines, manufacturers generally use one carburettor per cylinder or a double-barrelled carburettor for two cylinders.

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