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C. Shih and J. S. , 1981, 22,4217. g. 12' Reagents: i, 3NaH or 3NaOEt; ii, R'CHBrC0,H; iii, R2CHO; iv, H 2 0 Scheme 44 HO. A x o % R CO,H (X= H or CH20H) Reagents: i, H2NCMe2CH20H;ii, HCHO-KOH; iii, H' Scheme 45 '16 'I7 120 G. A. Russell, B. Mudryk, and M. Jawdosiuk, Synthesis, 1981,62. D. Liotta, C. Barnum, R. Puleo, G. Zima, C. Bayer, and H. S. Kezar, 111, J. Org. , 1981, 46, 2920;D. Saindane, C. Barnurn, H. Ensley, and P. , 1981,22,3043. R. Antonioletti, M. D'Auria, G. Piancatelli, and A. , 1981,22, 1041.

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